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"Essentials" Lice Kit
Our Price: $85.00
Lice Combing Solution
Our Price: $23.00
Bed Bug Spray 24oz
Our Price: $999,999.99
Lice Comb
Our Price: $15.00
rinse lice treatment formula
Lice Mousse
Our Price: $999,999.99
Lice Shampoo 8oz
Our Price: $29.00
Lice Prevention Pack
Our Price: $999,999.99
Our Price: $28.00
Oil Repellent
Our Price: $17.00

Studies show that lice have developed a resistance to some of the most commonly used lice products on the market. Furthermore, the flimsy plastic lice combs that come with many lice kits sold at major drugstores are not capable of removing very small nits (lice eggs).

Even more alarming is the fact that some shampoos and treatments normally used to treat head lice are extremely toxic! These toxic lice treatments present a major health threat to over 12 million children each year.

Licenders products are formulated using natural herbs. Our products are non-toxic, and do not contain any harsh chemical additives. They are also guaranteed to be effective 100% of the time.

Licenders Shampoo uses a special enzyme known as protease to eliminate the lice. Protease enzyme is produced naturally by insects to shed their exoskeleton when they outgrow it. Lice can not develop a resistance to this natural enzyme since they rely on it for their very existence!

Our products also contain peppermint oil which has proven to be a very effective natural form of pest elimination.

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Dr. Ditchek is an American author, board-certified Pediatrician, and Professor of medicine, best known as one of the authors of the book on integrative pediatrics, Healthy Child, Whole Child.

    "I am proud to be associated with LICENDERS. Our Lice Treatment Products are safe for the kids and the environment...  AND THEY WORK!"      --Dr. Ditchek